• Project

    Guará House
  • Local

    Curitiba - PR
  • Area

  • Year

  • Construction Company

    Ion Engenharia
  • Thermal Comfort Analysis

    Ticiana Weiss and Daniel Trento
  • Structure

    Marco Antônio Rodrigues
  • Photography

    Eduardo Macarios


Light and warmth were the first and most emphasized premises made by clients: a young couple with two daughters. Another request was great communication between the house and its gardens. The lot is located in a gated community in the Pilarzinho neighborhood, in an upper region of the northern area of ​​Curitiba, next to large parks and green areas. It starts as a single block, which is stuck to the side limits of the lot and in the average elevation, to guarantee free space at the back, a minimum need for land movement, and a good elevation of the house because of the view. In this way, a modulation was created where the stairs and the hydraulic infrastructure are located to the center, leaving the ground floor open, allowing the use of a conventional and low-cost structure. On the first floor, there are in the center: the toilet, an open kitchen, the service area, and a staircase – due to the positioning in the middle of the house, it is made of sheet metal, in the search for lightness. On the left section is the social area of ​​the house, with large openings that connect the living and dining room to the access garden as well as to the back garden. Also, in the right section of the house, there is a large void that serves as a shelter for vehicles and also as an extension of the social area. On the second floor, due to the pursuit of the morning sun, requested by the clients, a suite was positioned above the garage and with a view to the garden. The daughters' rooms are at the front of the house, and gets the afternoon sunlight. The library/studio was positioned in the region with the lowest solar incidence. At the center of the volume are the bathrooms, a space for a cabinet, and the staircase. Once the organization was defined, the process of subtraction and addition of volumes began, looking at improving the entry of light into the house. On the ground floor, it was added a front patio connected to the service area. On the second floor, two balconies were used: from the suite, where light and heat are coming from the north; and the daughters' rooms, thus creating a playful atmosphere in an environment of exclusive access for the sisters, contemplated with a jabuticaba tree. Solved the question of lighting through a high ceiling, white walls, and floor-to-ceiling frames, we focused on the thermal comfort. Based on thermal studies, the best scenario is a combination of ceramic block standing and drywall walls isolated with rock wool to guarantee thermal quality both in winter and summer. The warmth of the house also comes with the choice of colors: two shades of orange and one of red on the floor, with epoxy paint, and red on the frames, reinforcing the solar concept of the house. Finally, back to the base of the whole project: the sun.

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