• Project

    Juvevê Apartment
  • Local

    Curitiba, Brasil
  • Area

  • Year

  • Photography

    Brenda Pontes
  • Construction Company



The Juvevê Apartment project was born out of the clients' contact with the office when the building was still under construction, which allowed customizations directly with the construction company, developing a layout that covered the need for a comfortable and spacious space to receive family and friends of the couple. The chosen color palette and materiality are related to the future resident, a visual artist with a production linked to ceramics, which resulted in surfaces with earthy tones, differentiated by their textures and finishes. The program is divided between intimate, on the lower floor, and social, on the roof. On the social floor, the spaces are integrated with the possibility of closing the kitchen through an acidic glass door that allows indirect lighting even when the environments are separated. In addition, the volume in curved woodwork concentrates storage and service spaces, which at an opening point reveal completely monochromatic environments in its interior. On the lower floor, the need for only two bedrooms allowed for the reformulation of spaces, favoring the master suite and the creation of an intimate room with pantry, as well as a guest room and a room for exercising. The connection between the two floors is marked by a suspended white perforated metal plate staircase, which follows the principle of being visually light, in addition to allowing light to enter the intimate room on the lower floor.

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